Dupattas and respect for Girls. Few questions!

I had seen a Meme in a particular page which claims seeing girls with Dupatta is rare now and henceforth, they salute those who wear it. Lets get this straight. No one should dictate what other person can wear, eat. They come under article 21 which is right to life and liberty.
Its very natural for men to get attracted by seeing women. The misogynistic attitude that men are superior, and the thinking that is cultivated continuously through various modes by the society that ‘Women is made of flesh that is to be feasted upon’ creates obnoxious infringement into personal rights of women. These kind of salute to those who wear so and so is nothing different from medieval and present day practices of asking women to wear burqah to protect her from other men. There are people who keep on mocking women wearing leggings and attribute it to rape. The problems lie deeper in our family system where women are seen like an asset to be protected. Doesn’t she has her own emotions, thoughts, independence?
Khap panchayats used to dictate what to wear and what not to wear. This is due to power concentration in hands of men who dictate what women should wear. Have women dictated that Men should wear vetti, or shorts should be banned for men as it actually instigates them. Dear fellow men, more than 90% of rapes are marital in India and more than 2/3rd of the rapes of women are the shameful act of people well known to them.
Get educated through watching pornography. Learn how to objectify women through cinema songs. Master great art of Eve teasing through tamil cinema heroes. Dont have the guts to talk to girls as its an unholy act. Call the victim of violence as perpetuator of the crime. See wife as someone who should submit herself in bed. Deprive choices of women through casteism and endogamy. The so called worshipping women for wearing sarees, dupatta all exposes the unstable, immature, shallow grounds on which our thinking of women and perspectives had been built upon.

One thought on “Dupattas and respect for Girls. Few questions!

  1. Unspoken mind மார்ச் 6, 2017 / 4:20 பிப

    Proud to see that such thinking has emerged

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