Does ‘Shamefully 2’ deserves all this attention & hype…

Watched ‘yours shamefully 2’ short film. I liked the theme and issue which it had touched upon. In this world of instant shares and immediate shaming, it gives a mirror to introspect and be more restrained. All said, now i will record my issues with this film.

Why the movie got such a mileage and views? It is not only because it emotionally as well as poignantly attacks social media warriors. But, what does it also does? It points that elite or non-victimised women may play the victim card. I don’t deny that there had been such instances of fake victimisation and harassing of innocent men as well as teenage guys.

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Let’s now come to some reality check. Which gender is sexually harassed, abused, stalked for born in that gender? It is mostly women. Who face acid attacks or has to bear the brick bats of society for speaking against sexual predators? It is again women.

Who does more polygamy in India? Men. Married women outnumber married men by 66 lakhs. That is at least 66 lakh men married more than one women. Who owns most of the land, powerful positions across India? Men.

If a woman comes out against a powerful man what is the initial reaction? Slut shaming or endless questions about her character. The video’s narrative focuses on unheard voices of victimised men and it almost exclusively sounds aloud that men are affected by social media frenziness.

Marital rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse, everyday stalking, fighting it out amidst inequal power structures is an everyday crusade for millions of ‘working’ women across India. (Almost all women across India work).

We as a society express our immediate condolences for those videos which question our sheepishness without affecting existing prejudices as well as biases. Many will say that the short film touches upon unheard voices of men or those suffering from shares. How about the girls who committed suicide for the share of morphed images of them? Or those whose private videos made it into pornographic sites? Or those who came out boldly for crusading against the sexual predators who re exploiting them using their positions? Whose side majority took? The gender to which they belonged or the patriarchy for which they re loyal. Women had been made to bear the brunt in almost all the cases as chastity and protection of culture is almost the responsibility of women alone.

Sharing responsibly is need of the hour. No doubt. Social media activism should be more sensible. Totally agreed. But, that should not make us blind to the fact that majority of hapless victims are from one gender. If they re born in suppressed or depressed castes as well as in poor economic conditions life is much much horrible. Let’s not assume the moral high ground of speaking for suppressed minority among dominant gender and lose sight of our perverted, misogynistic behavior which affects women more.

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