Doctor G – Movie review

Anubhuti Kashyap’s Doctor G is an amazing movie to watch. It is full of funny moments, points to ponder. There are no cliches to a greater extent. The Male Gynaecologist with his heart rooted in Orthopedics is taken to task by world of Female doctors.

They peel our prejudices, patriarchy with a gentle scalpel of wit and sense. There is hope and introspection in the movie. The defeated hearts ache for joy. The betrayed souls find redemption. There are no grand moments.

The Story luckily doesn’t revolve only around the hero. It has well crafted characters who have prominent screen space and they all add up to the drama that unravels in interesting ways. But, this movie is more about Men and Women rather than about Gynaecology or Medical field.

Yet, it is a moving and heart touching short story. The movie doesn’t wait for a moving ending. It is built in parts through various points and those emotive sparks fill our heart. Do watch it.