Are Feminists lazy and unwilling to Work?

I had seen many of friends sharing some post which went on to state that Feminism is also about criticising women who are lazy enough and eating on their Husband’s Income. It had a so called Sympathetic statement towards women before that. These Kind of posts which try to be neutral does utter disservice on the quest towards equality. For most of working means it is a reference to white collar jobs or men in informal sector. But, what is unaccounted or not voiced out is unpaid labour of women which drives the household. It is simply made as part of motherhood and doing things out of love.

The agriculture sector which employs most of India’s population is characterised by feminisation and fragmentation of agriculture. Working women across various informal sectors hardly catches our imagination and lopsided views. You can go through this for an idea:

Further, let’s take this lazy women conception. Almost 4/5ths of of Indian women get married and move out to their Husband’s home. For most of them staying idle is never a choice. There is close to 10% drop in women working in formal sector over last decade in India. Most of them dropped out due to the reason they have children to pamper and family to take care. The nuclear families and burden of motherhood hardly offers a choice for women of India.

The urban, elite, non working maid dependent Women would hardly be .05 % of population. The Women are paid less or close to nothing not because they work less, but, because they are born as Women. The glaring dominant, all pervasive exploitation of labour of mothers and maids is a deeper point of concern. And Please dont jump here in comment box with golden quotes like, ‘I know men who work like anything and build their family’ and anecdotes. Men are economically or at least on a societal/cultural level are recognised for their work. For women they re denied or attributed to their motherhood